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My bio used to just say “I’m just a guy who likes to laugh, cry, and make music.” And while those things are true, I suppose that doesn’t really tell you a lot about who I am.


I was born in Seattle, and I (like all humans) am constantly messing up, wrecking havoc everywhere I go, and growing in the process. The most important thing I’ve learned in the relatively few years I’ve been on this floating ball of space rock, is that life isn’t a steady track. It’s a never ending struggle to find your identity, navigate hardship, and try and become friends with that little voice in your head that keeps telling you you’re not good enough.


I try to make music that reflects that journey.


Sometimes you need to laugh till your abs hurt, sometimes you need to cry until your tear ducts run dry, and sometimes you need music that feeds the starving artist inside your soul. And if I can be just one more song that aids in someone’s journey to become a little more human, then I’ve done my job :)




Disco Scares Me Album Art.png
Along for the Ride Album Art.png
Goodnight Seattle Album Art.png

Disco Scares Me - 2022

Ever feel like a monster amongst humans? Me too. Here's a song about it.

Along for the Ride - 2022

3 Catchy Pop-punk / Emo Anthems exploring identity, anxiety, and the never ending struggle to grow as a human.

Goodnight Seattle! - 2021

A love letter to Seattle, WA, where I was raised, and left in August of 2021

Butterflies v3.jpg

Butterflies - 2021

Lofi-indie-folk EP that tells the story of a relationship from tender start, to rocky half-way, and nostalgic resolve.


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