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Few nine-year-olds have seen Chekov’s The Cherry Orchard without being bored to tears. My tears, however, weren’t from boredom. That night, I witnessed the magic of an actor delivering one simple line with obliterating depth. “I’m tired.”  If you listen closely, you can still hear the echoes of my little heart breaking in the theatre where it was performed.

It was this moment that ignited my passion for acting. Since then I've been fortunate to work in numerous TV, Film, and Theatrical Productions. 

My favorite roles often include dialects, dark humor and duels to the death - in other words classical work is a passion of mine. I aspire to one day be a series lead in a period drama.

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In 2021 I was selected to join a cohort of eight actors (from an audition pool of 1000+) to join the Case Western Reserve University / Cleveland Playhouse graduate Acting program, ranked one of the top ten MFA programs in the nation.

In 2023, The Guthrie Theater auditioned the best graduate programs in the nation to find ten students for their six-week performance and training intensive. I'm proud to say I was selected to join them; getting to work with John Leguizamo, Joseph Haj, Maija Garcia, and Andrew Wade, among many other amazing practitioners.

I recently appeared as Victor Frankenstein / Percy Shelley in Cleveland Playhouse's critically acclaimed production of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, directed by Michael Barakiva.

Post graduation I look forward to pursuing more great roles, stories, and memories in New York City!




"Michaels as Orlando was an excellent choice. His open face and wide-eyed expressions show the people in the back corners of the crowd that he is in love, in pain, pensive, or jocular. As one of the story leads, Mr. Michaels carries one of the heaviest responsibilities in the show and he bears the burden with grace and talent."

       -Kim Hastings,  - As You Like It

"In the central role of Victor (plus Percy and others), Gavin Michaels registers Victor's passion for finding the secret of life, and his equally compelling disgust at the monstrosity he has fashioned"

       -Christine Howey, - Mary Shelley's Frankenstein


"Michaels’s Caliban epitomizes his existence in the soil, subtly telling his background story including the loss of his mother and language."

       -Yuko Kurahashi, - The Tempest

"Gavin Michaels deserves accolades for his acting work in the dual role of Danny/Hambone, showcasing two very opposite personalities."

       -Hal Peterson, - Danny Doom


"[Michaels] manages to capture the monster's torment and his stark "otherness."

       -Christine Howey,  - The Tempest

"Adorable performances by the two leads [Michaels, and Brett Hargrave]"

       -Dave Saffarian - Danny Doom

"Gavin Michaels is a strong Orlando overthrown by his love for Rosalind."

       -Michael C. Moore - As You Like It

"Michaels plays the star-struck lad [Romeo] with great skill, and his mop of curly hair makes him positively pretty!"

       -Kim Hastings, - Romeo and Juliet

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